Flipstarters - Real Estate Focused Incubator

FlipStarters is a Real Estate Focused Incubator Helping Investors, Entrepreneurs & Innovators

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Who we are

FLIPSTARTERS is a community of real estate investors, attorneys, lenders, agents and business owners. We are looking for other high caliber individuals that understand the value of practical, strategic education and the benefit of working within a LOCAL mastermind setting – to help reach personal and group goals.

We mentor and educate in all areas of how to succeed in the world of real estate investing and business ownership, including; tax & legal, marketing, asset protection, negotiation, raising capital and re-investing. If you’re serious about investing and have what it takes – contact us today and get started on changing your future like you never imagined. As long as you follow our proven system, and do the work, you could be afforded the same success like the thousands that have taken action before you!

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