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Are you thinking contracts ? You guessed it right! This is all about how to properly execute a purchase and sale agreement with the seller and make sure you have a right contract that protect yourself.

Why Join the Acquisitions & Disposition Workshop?

Join real estate experts in this marketing intensive workshop where you will learn how to properly execute a purchase and sale agreement with the seller and make sure you have a right contract that protect yourself. You will get the contract that we use in our day to day business. You will also learn how to form and assignment contract on the dispositions side so you can wholesale the deal with no problems. We will give you title companies and attorneys we recommended to use that will help you along the process as well.

Purchase & Sale Agreement

We go into detail line by line with the purchase and sale agreement so you can understand exactly what needs to be in the agreement whether you are wholesaling or buying a property to flip. Regardless you need to know what have in your contract to protect yourself and to ensure everything goes smooth. You will get the purchase agreement we use today.

Assignment Contract

To make your money wholesaling you need to have an assignment contract in place with your buyer. Your buyer is responsible for closing on the property and show you what to have in your assignment contract to make sure you have an binding agreement with that buyer. You will feel comfortable knowing that your profit is secured when working with your buyers. You will get the assignment contract we use today.

Working with Title Companies

Learn how to find a real estate investor friendly title company that has done the transactions that you are trying to get accomplished. You don’t just want to work with anyone. You want a title company you can trust and we show you how to vet different companies. We give you the questions you need ask them as well as give you referrals to some we know in your market.

Marketing to Buyers

Once you have an executed contract with the seller its time to find a buyer fast. Wholesaling is all about fast pace movement. Usually during your 10-14 day inspection you want to already have a buyer ready to go that has made a non-refundable deposit and has confirmed that their company will close on this property at your asking price. We show you how to find buyers quickly with email blast, calling buyers agents, and other strategies to find great buyers that will close.


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“Lenny & Ruben are doing something incredible here. Creating an environment where rookie and seasoned investors can connect and take advantage of their resources to bring value and success to the group!! Great people, great organization, and my team looks forward to continue working together. Highly recommend checking out their events!!”

Eddie L.

“These Guys Are the Best!!! They really know their stuff! They’ve helped me Make 1000’s!!!! Thank you Lenny and Team!!!”

Jason K.

“Hey, Flipstarters has open so many doors for me and my business. Not only am I learning from the best, but I have been able to meet so many people that are helping me take my business to the next level. I worked with Josh and their marketing training is really great as well!”

Carlos H.

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