Start Operating Your Real Estate Business Like a Pro

Ready to scale or are you just trying to get organized from the start so you can not be stressed with day to day management?

Why Join the Operations Workshop?

Join real estate experts in this marketing intensive workshop where we will show you how we manage our business using softwares , CRM's, and simple spreadsheets that can make all the difference to keep you organized and focused on the main important things.

Setting Up Your Goal

Where do you want take your business? What are you trying to accomplish? Where do you want to be in the next 3-5 years? There are all important questions you need to ask yourself in the beginning so you can plan long time accordingly and set milestones for yourself to accomplish those goals. In this workshop we sit with you to help you determine these goals and give you a roadmap to help you get there.

Setting Up Your Organization

Most investors never grow and stay at a stand still because of lack of organization. Organization is what helps you begin to have systems in place to make your day to day easier and also begin to automate a lot of your process. You can’t build a company unless you have some sort of organization. How are you ever going to be able to eventually hire staff and have them follow a process that doesn’t exist?… It doesn’t work. This is why we go in depth showing you tons of solutions to keep you organized and run your business orderly.

Building a Team

When you begin to scale and are ready to start hiring people you need to make sure you have a god team. We show you in this workshop who you need, how to qualify them, and what expectations you as the business owner should have in place for them to follow. With building a team comes a lot of responsibility such as management, payroll, and training. We show you how to do all these things in a a streamlined and manageable way.

CRM Optimization

CRM stands for “Customer relationship management”. This is a central place that can help you automate a huge percentage of your process and simply make life a whole a lot easier. You can store your leads, passwords, manage finances, manage appointments, store contracts, and so much more using a CRM. You can even set reminders for follow ups and other things to keep you focused on the main goal which is to get deals. It will give your hours back in your week you can use to do what you do best instead of worrying about the small tedious tasks.


Here Are Just a Few Customers Who Immediately Saw Sky-Rocketed Leads After Joining FlipStarters...

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“Lenny & Ruben are doing something incredible here. Creating an environment where rookie and seasoned investors can connect and take advantage of their resources to bring value and success to the group!! Great people, great organization, and my team looks forward to continue working together. Highly recommend checking out their events!!”

Eddie L.

“These Guys Are the Best!!! They really know their stuff! They’ve helped me Make 1000’s!!!! Thank you Lenny and Team!!!”

Jason K.

“Hey, Flipstarters has open so many doors for me and my business. Not only am I learning from the best, but I have been able to meet so many people that are helping me take my business to the next level. I worked with Josh and their marketing training is really great as well!”

Carlos H.

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