Start Communicating Like a Pro

Do you feel unconfident when speaking to sellers? Have you lost deals to other investors from not being able to convert them when you had the chance. Learn how to talk with sellers, handle objections, and use expert negotiating tactics to get more deals.

Why Join the Communicating with Sellers Workshop?

Join real estate experts in this marketing intensive workshop where you will learn how to talk with sellers, handle objections, and use expert negotiating tactics to get more deals. This will help you when making outbound calls and answering inbound calls from sellers with all types of different situations. You will be ready to answer and to guide them in the direction you want them to go. This will keep you from missing out on opportunities on capitalizing on deals.

Outbound/Inbound Calling

Whether it is inbound or outbound you will need to know what to say when a seller is on the other line. You have to be quick and know how to take them from introduction to close on the phone. We will show you how to get the key information needed to move them along in the process professionally. You will also be provided with the scripts we use.

Learn Different Situations

Every persons situation is different and unique when dealing with sellers. It takes hundreds and even thousands of calls to be able to know how to handle each situation. This work shop goes in detail on how to handle every situation, objection, and personality type as you are communicating with sellers.

Setting Appointments

Setting the appointment is what gets you in door to get one step closer to securing the deal. Not only will you learn how to set appointments effectively but you will also learn how to set quality appointments so you don’t waste your time going out to appointments with sellers you never had the chance with to begin with. Never waste another day with a bad appointment again.

Building Rapport

Rapport is what wins the sellers over to working with you. With tons of new investors emerging each day the market can sometimes get competitive. Thats is why it is important to have rapport built with sellers every time you can get the chance to speak with them. You will learn great rapport building questions and tactics to build a better relationship with sellers that will get them only wanting to work with you.


Here Are Just a Few Customers Who Immediately Saw Sky-Rocketed Leads After Joining FlipStarters...

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“Lenny & Ruben are doing something incredible here. Creating an environment where rookie and seasoned investors can connect and take advantage of their resources to bring value and success to the group!! Great people, great organization, and my team looks forward to continue working together. Highly recommend checking out their events!!”

Eddie L.

“These Guys Are the Best!!! They really know their stuff! They’ve helped me Make 1000’s!!!! Thank you Lenny and Team!!!”

Jason K.

“Hey, Flipstarters has open so many doors for me and my business. Not only am I learning from the best, but I have been able to meet so many people that are helping me take my business to the next level. I worked with Josh and their marketing training is really great as well!”

Carlos H.

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