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We offer flexible hard money loans with a simple and transparent application process, reliable funding, and predictable pricing.

The FlipStarters Difference

We work with direct hard money lenders serving the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania Markets. We offer a variety of first mortgage products to fund non-owner occupied real estate investment projects.

Faster approvals. The approval of traditional loans takes a month or more. With help from our residential hard money lenders in Florida, investors can secure a pre-approval within a day or two (or even as fast as minutes) if all the requirements are met.

Credit history is not a big issue. Lending institutions are strict with investors who have bad credit histories. We’re not.

Weak credit history won’t affect your loan application with us. We base approvals on borrower equity and property value instead. As long as you meet our criteria, you have a good chance of receiving an approval.

Zero prepayment penalties. Bank loans usually subject applicants to prepayment penalties, should they pay before the maturation date. Our hard loan lenders in Florida do not practice this. Clients who wish to finish all payments before their due dates are free to do so.

Flexible payment terms. Enjoy more freedom with our customized repayment plans. During the initial consultation, we will discuss payment terms and focus on achieving a mutually agreeable repayment plan.

About FlipStarters

Founded in 2001, FlipStarters is revolutionizing the world of mortgages to put the power, and the keys, where they belong — in the borrower’s hands.

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